• Welcome to Kinder Beat @ Red Note Music!
    Where Learning Music
    is Serious Fun
Children learning music in a group context

Welcome to Kinder Beat
@ Red Note Music

Come and enjoy the fun of Kinder Beat at Red Note Music. We are excited to offer this award winning program to our beautiful community and can't wait to show you how this program will instantly become part of your week.

Every lesson is filled with vibrant, energetic and engaging music that students and parents alike will love. Kinder Beat lays the foundation for a successful and positive relationship with music that is bound to last a lifetime.

During every Kinder Beat class, a variety of musical instruments and props are used to engage our students and enhance the learning experience.

Why Choose Us

Award Winning

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Musical Play


Meet Our Licensed Kinder Beat Teachers

A photo of Leonie Riordan
Leonie Riordan
A photo of Sara Gare
Sarah Gare
A photo of Sara Brown
Sarah Brown

Classes Timetable

MondayTuesday (coming in term 3)Friday
Level 1: Music Box Magic
  • Teacher: Leonie Riordan
  • Age: 1.5-3 y/o
Level 2: Percussion Play
  • Teacher:  Leonie Riordan
  • Age: 2.5-4 y/o
Level 2: Percussion Play
  • Teacher: Sarah Brown & Leonie Riordan
  • Age: 2.5-4 y/o
Level 2: Percussion Play
  • Teacher: Leonie Riordan & Sarah Gare
  • Age: 2.5-4 y/o
Level 3: Kinder Beat Piano
  • Teacher: Sarah Gare & Leonie Riordan
  • Age: 4-5 y/o
Level 3: Kinder Beat Piano
  • Teacher: Sarah Gare
  • Age: 4-5 y/o
Level 1: Music Box Magic
  • Teacher: Sarah Gare & Sarah Brown
  • Age: 1.5-3 y/o

Frequently Asked Questions

Are parents welcome to stay?

Parents are very welcome to stay and participate in our Level 1 and 2 classes. We encourage that our Level 3 students are dropped off for the class, or parents are welcome to use our waiting areas during this time.

Do I need to enrol for the full term?

As our lessons are sequential and we move through the lesson book in a weekly manner, classes are based on a full term's enrolment.

Can I enrol later in the term?

Yes! Absolutely. Students who enrol later in the term will join the group and begin using the lessons book at the stage we are currently at. Therefore, if a student enrols a little late, they may just miss a few songs and pages.

Do I need to complete all three levels?

Each level is independent of each other; therefore students join at the level which best suits their age and ability.

Where I can find out more information:

Head to Kinder Beat.

Can I bring any snacks to class?

We ask that children only bring in a water bottle, and enjoy a snack after the class has finished.

Would it be OK if my baby attended as well?

We love families, and if your younger child should attend, we ask that you keep them engaged throughout the lesson so that our budding musicians can focus on the musical activities.


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